Who is Acter for?

Our world is full of people who hold knowledge or ideas for how to create a better life for humans, animals and nature. Some people bring their ideas to life through community organizing, art, businesses or in some other form. Others struggle to figure out how to bring their ideas to life.

All ideas that grow to have an impact have one thing in common - they are shared by many people. 

Acter is for individuals, groups, organisations and networks aiming to transform the world.



It is hard and tiring to transform the world alone, unless you are a superhero.

We are all humans and we need each other to build a better world.

Join Acter as an individual and engage with new people and communities to scale your power.



Is your work rooted in a local community and lots of personal relationships, but few or no formal bindings.

This category is for neighbourhood groups, school projects and smaller groups who are focused on specific projects that do not demand further sub-groups.

Join as a group and start exploring the ecosystem in Acter.



Is your work centred on teaching skills and knowledge? Political campaigning? Product development and innovation?

This category is for NGO's, educational organisations, movements, businesses, associations, civil society organisations and such.

Join Acter organise your peers, partners and volunteers.



Networks are defined by having not only people, but also organisations as members.

This category includes public authorities, umbrella organisations, communities and coalitions that have organisations working in parallel under a common framework.

Join as a network and start exploring the ecosystem in Acter.

We are all in the same ecosystem
let's start working as one

In Acter we believe that systems change is not only an option but a prerequisite to succeed in solving current and future global challenges.  

As such, Acter is built to accommodate actors from all four sectors of society, enabling them to collaborate and coordinate action in new ways. 

Today it is hard for initiatives from different sectors to identify each other and share resources which is part of the reason why many solutions get stranded before it reaches its entire potential.


When we work together

When we work together we create pathways for other people to join with their actions. When we collaborate on ideas and goals for a regenerative, peaceful and equal future we bring together people who have many different ways of materialising these ideas.


Concepts are turned into activities, art pieces, products or services through creative processes. Without communities that can give feedback and challenge ideas based on their experience we will not get far in our innovations for a better world.

In Acter we believe in and encourage broadscale collaboration, interaction and collective creative innovation.

We believe in working together as an ecosystem, which is why we are building the digital platform to support our ecosystem of change makers.