Catching waves - newsletter from Q1, 2022

Dear all,

We proceed with our newsletter here on our blog. You will receive a brief version in your email-inbox, just like you are used to, with the option to go here to our blog and read more in depth. As always we present some news highlights from the quarter with relevant invitations.

Big product release - map view and Danish language

The platform now has a map view and is accessible in Danish. These two features wrap up our initial collaboration with Aarhus Omstiller in Aarhus Municipality.

We want to invite you to go to the platform and update your geographical location to be visible on the map. The ability for you and all our users to get a local and global overview of communities and activities going is key in our efforts to push for a regenerative, peaceful, and equal world. We can all use the overview to 1) build from and with the existing powers and initiatives and 2) create broad coalitions and connected communities who seed and cultivate the change we want to build.

Video from the map view on the platform

Acter becomes a registered socio-economic company

Acter is a purpose driven company. We develop software, which is both difficult and expensive. In order to fund our development and mission we do need money. To lock in on our values and at the same time take our need for money seriously, we registered formally and legally as a socio-economic business with the Danish authorities. This means that we every year will have to prove that our socio-economic values are practiced and maintained in the company.

This makes us unattractive to must big capital investors, but it also opens the doors to a world of philanthropic funding and organic growth. This is the right direction for Acter, and we are happy and proud to be taking part in a movement with so many other companies in Denmark and the world. We are influenced by Patagonia, Frederic Laloux, Theory U, and Rework among others.

If you want to support our funding efforts with your knowledge of funds or socio-economic business models we are of course happy to learn from you. Reach out to Janne ([email protected]) or Emil ([email protected]).

Our very first general assembly

On April 28 we will have our very first general assembly. From 16.00 - 18.15 pm (CET) we go through the official agenda. If you are curious to hear more and join, please contact Janne at [email protected] It will be possible to join online as well as in person. After the formal agenda we will have a dinner and celebration with our local community in Aarhus, Denmark.

Team developments

On January 6 we made a decision to switch to a 4 day work week (4dww) in Acter. We aim for approximately 30 hours of work per week, but we do not lower our expectations of progress on our tasks and goals. Many other companies have experimented with a 4dww and have found that it increases productivity and satisfaction. In Acter we are measuring approximately every 6 weeks how we subjectively think it is going with the 4 day work week. So far we have seen improvements on work life balance, feelings of being recharged after the weekend, and ability to get tasks done. In the 3 months that have passed we have experienced much progress on the platform design and development as well as on funding efforts. Altogether our work has become more streamlined. If you are curious about the 4dww, you can read about it on various blogs and pages. Here is one article that we used for inspiration and to develop our internal survey.

The 4 day work week acknowledges that we are human and need to work a number of hours that actually supports our well-being. On that note, this quarter also led us to say goodbye to Javier. Together with C-Cube he received funding for projects that demand more of his time and as such his work with Acter had to come to an end. We are happy and excited for Javiers new adventures. You can follow C-Cube on social media or go to their website right here. Luckily, he is still in the neighborhood and working on projects with great relevance to Acter's mission. We think our paths might cross again in the future.

We are looking into...

... more exciting work in the coming quarter. We have brand new partnerships coming in, a campaign for co-creation on the green transition with the Danish municipalities, and new features already being designed (direct messaging is one of them). We hope that you will stay tuned with us and join our mission maybe through the platform where you can find initiatives working for a regenerative world or you can register your own an build the needed coalitions for change.

Cheers and change,

Acter team

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