Big organising.
Bigger impact.

Find others. Organise work in your team and across organisations. All in one platform.

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Coordinate across organisations

Connect across multiple groups, organisations, and networks to coordinate action. Share knowledge and resources.

Connect with others

Connect across multiple groups, organisations and networks

Create ideas, projects, and events

Build and collaborate around shared activites.

Invite them to join your team

Invite people from other organisations to join your groups or projects and collaborate in a shared space.

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Organise your team

Gather all your tools in one place. Create an overview of members, resources, and activities. Enable your team to self organise.

Create working groups

Enable people to self organise in groups in your team. Invite other organisations to join.

Onboard new members

Find and add new members to your team.

Schedule meetings

Create meetings and invite others to join.

Add other platforms

Add platforms like Google Drive or Trello. Gather everything in once place.


Discover and engage

in initiatives around you

Join projects, working teams, and organisations in your neighbourhood and all over the world. Finally, you can get the overview of the others.

Search and connect with initiatives near you

Search and find others and activites that are working on the same agenda as yourself.

Personal dashboard

Keep track of your work in your team or across multiple organisations. At any time.

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