ACTER is a collaboration platform, enabling people and organisations, such as NGO's, movements and unions, to organise and collaborate on a local and global level 

For organisations

Internal work.

ACTER is built to administrate and support all the internal work taking place inside various types of organisations, including NGO's, movements, unions and other types of volunteer driven organisations.

This include

Ensure free flow of communication

Overview of projects and events

Remove bottlenecks

Harness the power of each member



Communication overload

Any Exess bureacory 


  • Clear overview of who is doing what

  • Overview of internal ressources

  • Make it easy for new members to know where they can contribute 

  • Create coalitions with others 




For people

ACTER  is built 

      We want to:

  • Unite and empower people

  • Incrase inclusion and mass participation

  • Accelerate action

  • Leverage the power of people 

  • Organise systemic change

With ACTER we have set out on a mission to fundamentally change how we work together, allowing anyone to take action.

We are on a mission to empower and enable people to harness their full potential in order to help solve global challenges.

We do not believe that the solutions

to the world's problems is technology

or a digital platform alone. However it

holds the potential to connect us in new

ways, provide access to collective knowledge 

and to be the glue between shared intentions.

This is the foundation of which we have started to build ACTER.