How we define an organisation:

An entity with the need of managing multiple groups (teams) of people, connected around a shared purpose.

Examples include:

Movements, NGO's, Start-up's, SME's,


Organise your community



Enable free flow of communication within your organisation, by ensuring that everyone receives the right information.

  • Direct message

  • Group chats

  • Mentions and notifications


When needed, delegate roles, tasks and responsibility and enable members to collaborate on bigger projects, events, campaigns etc.

  • Project tools

  • Task manager

  • Integrations


Enable both new and existing members to gain overview of your organisations ecosystem of actors and activities.

  • Community map

  • Activity overview

  • Calendar


Coordinate & collaborate with others



Gain overview of the local and global ecosystem, to find relevant actors to partner and collaborat with.

  • Digital map

  • Search filters

  • Real time ecosystem


Brake down silos and build on the momentum, knowledge and resources of others, by either creating or joining a coalition.

  • Group communication

  • Invite & share

  • Administrate members


Collaborate without borders

by creating and managing projects together across multiple organisations.

  • Project tools

  • Task manager

  • Calendar


Share resources


Share your know-how

Upload documents, videos, reports, solutions to be accessed by only your organisation or by the entire ecosystem.

  • Upload information

  • Sharing settings

Learn and get inspired

Build on the knowledge from others, by searching the solutions catalogue or knowledge library for specific and contextual information.

  • Search function

  • Filter options

Ask, reply or propose

Collaborate without borders

by creating and managing projects together across multiple organisations.

  • Discussion forum

  • Propose ideas


Measure your impact


Measure in real time

Do to the unique architecture of Acter, the system is able to measure and track the health of your organisations ecosystem in real time. This include getting a better understanding on your reach and how your activities as an organisations translates into impact.

  • Impact of activities

  • Measure your reach

  • Insight on what works

Download insights

The reporting tool enables a more detailed insight into your organisation, members and a activities and also an overview on how the organisation is "performing" over time, with the possibility of bench marking.

  • Development over time

  • Bench marking

  • SDG tracking

Case examples

Screenshot 2020-08-30 at 12.41.41.png

Start coordinating with Acter

Acter is currently in beta, which means that not all functionalities has been deployed yet. If you wish to wait for the Acter 1.0 (currently being developed), you are welcome to sign up to get notified when it's released (Exp. Q2 2021).

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