Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acter ?

Acter is an organisation that builds and runs a digital platform for initiatives working for a more equal, peaceful and regenerative world. In the platform you find tools for organizing, getting an overview, sharing knowledge, doing projects and events, and communicating.

Who owns Acter ?

Acter is legally owned by Janne Winther and Emil Vincentz. In practice Acter is a community project and a non-profit meaning that there are no financial compensation for owners nor board members.

How does Acter run financially ?

Acter has a number of different revenue streams, firstly, we have received innovation funding to start our development and operations, secondly we have network partnerships who support our development, our support club that helps us cover fixed costs, and finally we want to develop platform licenses for advanced features, where users pay to use the platform.

How is Acter different from other platforms ?

Acter is different because it is built to increase activity in the real world, not to keep you hanging around online, which is why ethical and accessible design is at the core of what we do. Acter is built to give an overview of all the different initiatives working for a better world. Through overview and collaboration tools, Acter helps to reduce double-work and increase engagement and activity to scale solutions for global challenges.

Who can use Acter ?

Acter is for anyone working with solutions to global challenges who is looking to bring their work into a community. Acter has a free plan that is available for anyone forever. We work with civil society, public bodies, research and education organisations, as well as the private sector.