Contribute with what you have

In Acter we are on a mission to transform the world into a more equal, peaceful, and regenerative version than the one we know today. This demands widespread transformation and contributions in various shapes and forms.

Our current contributions come from our community that serves us with various types of contribution.

You can contribute with what you have and become a part of our community.


You can contribute to Acter by

Connecting us with someone we should get in contact with, work with or onboard. We always want to expand our ecosystem.

Give strategic inputs to our business model, platform development or vision. We are happy to learn from our community and the entire global network.

Donate small or big amounts. If you have economic resources and want to contribute to Acter. We are happy to receive your donation.

Becoming part of our team of activists, software engineers, artists, entrepreneurs, and students. If you think you would be a good match please, reach out to [email protected] and introduce yourself.

Start using the platform and give feedback that is crucial for our ongoing development. Read below how to do this.


Thanks for reaching out!

Give feedback

Our goal is to build a platform with tools that are needed. Individuals, groups, organisations and networks who start using the Acter platform provide crucial feedback for our development.


Join our platform to become engaged as an individual or to organise your work.


Reach out with your feedback to [email protected] or sign up for a feedback loop through our form here