Co-creation and consultancy

Acter has a strong team of process designers, activists, software engineers, designers, and academics. 

Our consultancy is based on an eco-system understanding, we believe all things are connected. We develop processes and keep regeneration, peace and equality at our core.

We work system based with civil, public, private, academic and grassroots sectors. 

Janne Winther is our main point of contact for co-creation and consultancy. She has local as well as global experience with sustainability politics, policy, campaigning, activism, project management and process design. 
You can reach her at [email protected] or +45 42184413. 

Acter is based on needs. Not assumptions.

We are building stronger relations in the civil sector and co-creating Acter through workshops with our global community. 


Building stronger relations between the green NGO's in Aarhus and with the municipality

Aarhus Omstiller (AO) is a part of Aarhus Municipality in charge of developing citizen based transition to a carbon neutral society.

In a 1 year period we have done workshops around this with AO:

  • Connect and build relations with civil society groups

  • Established clear success criteria and indicators

  • Hosted a communication workshop and pitch training

  • Hosted a value creation & theory of change workshop

  • Facilitate technical onboarding to the platform

  • Provide communication material text and visuals