Acter is a collaboration platform enabling actors from all parts of society to  collaborate and coordinate action on pressing global challenges.

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In Acter we ultimately have a vision of a peaceful, regenerative, and equal world,
with Acter’s role being to enable all parts of society to accelerate action towards
this envisioned world.
We do this because we believe it is not only necessary - but possible.

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Our mission consists of two focus areas.
One being to connect those already engaged in order to accelerate systems change, by standing on the shoulders of others, leveraging their voice, power and impact.
The other being to inspire and enable those who are not yet engaged, to understand why, how and where to engage, thus fostering mass participation and collective action.

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We contribute to connecting and expanding the ecosystem by building a new digital infrastructure called Acter.
Acter enables overview, collaboration, knowledge sharing, impact measuring and includes all the essential tools needed to connect and enforce the change and transformation towards a peaceful, regenerative, and equal world.


Based on our vision we have developed values and certain principles that guide us on our mission and all our interaction with users, community, colleagues, and partners.

Humans are the foundation.

Human centered and
non-addictive design.

We hire people not roles.

We dare to be vulnerable and express doubt.

We share in mending mistakes, we work as a team.

Purpose over profit,



We do not build Acter to create profit, we create profit to build Acter.

We build Acter to enable action and global transformative connections.

Acter’s digital presence is a tool to enable and coordinate physical presence and real-world action.

We do not sell user data. We do not advertise. We do not sell business shares.

We are an ecosystem – everything is connected.

Global challenges to our worldview are complex in nature and require a systems approach. 

Acter works only when it is used.

We enable users, and they enable us.

Think global – act local.

Together we are powerful.

Trust and



We build trust by being present, consulting each other, taking responsibility.

We base our work on needs not assumptions.

We commit to continuous interaction and co-creation.

For whom we are building Acter.

With Acter we believe that systems change is not only an option but a prerequisite to succeeded in solving current and future challenges.  

As such, Acter is built to accommodate actors from all four sectors of society, enabling them to collaborate and coordinate action in new ways. 

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To become a real driver of change and being able to support actors from all four sectors, we must first understand where people currently are to understand what they need, in order to fully engage and/or accelerate their impact.

One way of defining this, can be to categorise them into the following categories:

Not aware, equipped, engaged or connected. Aware but not equipped to engage or connected Aware, equipped but not engaged or connected Aware, equipped, engaged but not connected Aware, equipped, engaged and connected.

Aware = Awareness about global challenges. Equipped = Translating knowledge into action. Engaged =  Joining or starting an initiative. Connected = Coordinating with the wider ecosystem.

Why (another) digital collaboration platform?

Acter is so far the result of more than two years of research and testing, aimed at exploring the question: how can we accelerate action on pressing global challenges? 

With Acter we dont believe that technology is the single solution. However, it holds a potential of uniting efforts and organising ourselves in new and better ways.

It allow us to zoom out and provide a clear understanding on the part that we play in the ecosystem, enabling us to affect systems at a global scale by coordinating collective action.


As such, Acter is an attempt, supported by a growing community to accelerate action through inclusion, collaboration and mass participation. ​

The Acter taxonomy 

- a shared language

The acter taxonomy consists of three categories and is one of the unique functionalities of Acter.

It's what enables all actors to have shared language, enabling them to find the right information and knowledge and engage in relevant collaborations.

Since all users are a part of developing the taxonomy, it will constantly evolve and improve over time. Below you can see examples of labels under each category  or view the full current taxonomy by accessing the map here


These labels are indicating what global challenges you are working with.

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These labels are indicating how you are working with them.

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These labels are indicating specific topics, concepts, or contexts.

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The people behind

The team behind acter, consists of a diverse group of people including social entrepreneurs, activists, and professionals, who all is a part of a shared vision.

Beneath you can see some of the people in the core team who is building acter.

If you believe that you would make a great team member, do not hesitate to reach out.

Morten Damgaard

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Lena Tunkers

Emil Vincentz

Janne Winther

Pedro Lacerda

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Sacha Bastian

Mathias Andersson

Adrian Lupescu

Community & partners

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Josephine Marquard


Malik Shaik

Mark Gottenborg

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