About Acter

Acter is created in the desire to use the digital tools that we surround ourselves with to raise our abilities in solving world issues.

We realized, that although the world is more connected than ever, there’s a disconnect in solving global challenges. There are plenty, probably millions of solutions and initiatives, but there’s no infrastructure and no clear overview of them. We want to build this infrastructure to enable initiatives and solutions to scale and change the world.

Acter started researching the needs back in 2019 through numerous meetings, workshops and surveys with people from all over the world. In 2021 we are building the platform, onboarding users, testing the features and design, and trying to bring sustainable transformation to the next level.


Why are we building Acter?

In Acter we ultimately have a vision of a peaceful, regenerative, and equal world, with Acter’s role being to enable all parts of society to accelerate action towards this envisioned world.

We do this because we believe it is not only necessary - but possible.

How are we building Acter?

Our mission consists of two focus areas.

One being to connect those already engaged in order to accelerate systems change. 

The other being to inspire and enable those who are not yet engaged, to understand why, how and where to engage, thus fostering mass participation and collective action.

What actually is Acter?

We contribute to connecting and expanding the ecosystem by building a new digital infrastructure called Acter. Acter enables overview, collaboration, knowledge sharing, impact measuring and includes all the essential tools needed to connect and enforce the change and transformation towards a peaceful, regenerative, and equal world.

Our work compass in Acter is our core values and principles.

Humans are the foundation

In Acter we build digital tools to support humans. Our design is human-centered and


We base our work on needs not assumptions and spend time with users and their work.

Purpose over profit, always

We do not build Acter to create profit, we create profit to build Acter.​​ Our human values goes before finances and we do not sell user data. We do not advertise. We do not sell business shares.

We are an ecosystem, everything is connected

Global challenges are complex in nature and require a systems approach. Everything is connected and we need each other to transform our world for the better. 

Trust and responsibility

We build trust by being present, consulting each other, taking responsibility. We learn from mistakes and help each other.​

Acter is being built by people, meet our team

The team behind acter, consists of a diverse group of people including social entrepreneurs, activists, and professionals, who all is a part of a shared vision.

Beneath you can see some of the people in the core team who is building acter.


If you believe that you would make a great team member, do not hesitate to reach out.


Emil Vincentz

Partnership & Platform Lead


Janne Winther

Partnership & Research Lead


Damon Vestervand

Platform & Development Lead


Josephine Marquard

Communication & Onboarding


Malik Shaik

Platform Developer


Jude Musyoki

Platform Developer


Morten Damgaard

Project Leader


Mathias Andersson

Project Leader


Lena Tunker

Research & Onboarding


Lot Winther

Visual Designer


What is Acter

Acter is an organisation that builds and runs a digital platform for initiatives working for a more equal, peaceful and regenerative world. In the platform you find tools for organizing, getting an overview, sharing knowledge, doing projects and events, and communicating.

How is Acter different from other platforms?

Acter is different because it is built to increase activity in the real world, not to keep you hanging around online. Acter is built to give an overview of all the different initiatives working for a better world. Through overview and collaboration tools, Acter helps to reduce double-work and increase engagement and activity to scale solutions for global challenges.

Who owns Acter?

Acter is owned by the community who work directly with building the platform and onboarding users. Acter builds on a cooperative model where it is the community who owns and runs the organisation. This means that we make all decisions in Acter ourselves with our volunteers, co-workers, co-leaders and and are not depending on outside investors in our management.

Who can use Acter?

Acter is for anyone working with solutions to global challenges who is looking to bring their work into a community. Acter has a free plan that is available for anyone forever. We work with civil society, public bodies, research and education organisations, as well as the private sector.

How does Acter run financially?

Acter has a number of different revenue streams, firstly, we have received innovation funding to start our development and operations, secondly we have network partnerships who support our development, and finally platform licenses, where users pay to use the platform.