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Acter is the collaboration tool for people, groups, organisations and networks to freely communicate, plan and coordinate action and share knowledge.

Gather your community in one place and take your organising to a new level.

The all in one tool for organising change.     

Organise change

Acter provides the digital toolset for you to organise change through action in the global ecosystem of individuals, groups, organisations and networks.

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Get an overview

Search, attend and contribute to activities with people near you.


Join efforts with other initiatives. Collaborate on projects, events and ideas.

Share resources

across multiple groups, organisations and networks.


and understand how activities translate into your desired outcomes and impact.

Acter is for individuals, groups, organisations, and networks.

In Acter we believe that we are all connected. No matter if you work in a small community or a large ecosystem you are welcome.

Acter is a collaboration tool and toolbox for anyone working to transform our world into a regenerative, equal and peaceful place. So who are you?



Join activities or communities near you or start building your own community.



Start connecting and coordinating action with others.



Organise your people, groups, activities, and external collaborations. All in one place.



Create overview and connect all the people who take part in your network of change.

Early Users



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Acter is currently being build from various valuable contributions from...


The Acter team is a mix of software engineers, researchers, community organizers, activists, artists, entrepreneurs, and project designers who work full time, part time or volunteer with Acter.

Early users

The Acter platform is continuously being refined. This relies on inputs and participation from early users who bring in their experience to develop the functionalities.


Many people, groups, organisations, and networks are following and supporting the development of Acter. The community around Acter contributes with different types of resources; practical experience, network connections, and economic donations.

Gather your community in one place and take your organising to a new level.